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I love the feeling of the wall under my foot and the support and feedback that it gives. Side bends are a great way to work on alignment and abdominal control. You often see this in Barre Pilates class with the heel placed on the bar. This brick wall offers a great alternative and added challenge.


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This slide through flow is a very engaging exercise that develops should strength and abdominal control.  The hardest part, for me anyway has been coordinating the motion of drawing the legs back underneath myself after being extended forward.

My goal is to work my way down to palms flat on the floor.

For sliding I am using a cut piece fo fleece blanket.


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Single leg balance poses are a staple in contemporary yoga classes. Most classes, at least in my experience anyway, seem to focus on static poses (such as Tree Pose – Vrikshasana). These ubiquitous poses look great on your Instagram feed and make a great profile picture however hen we add a dynamic element to out balance and focus on weight shifting and structural integrity through shifting feet we bring fun new challenges into our practice.